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  • What is semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing?
    Semi-permanent Makeup can enhance your brows, eyes and lips with results that last, saving time on your daily beauty routine. Semi-permanent cosmetics involves the application of pigment into the skin. A professional artist should use specialist equipment and techniques to ensure that the experience is quieter, gentler and less invasive. Although the treatments use needles, these needles are smaller and do not penetrate the skin as deep as traditional tattooing.
  • Is the treatment painful?
    Most clients find the treatments virtually painless. Numbing cream is applied throughout to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.
  • Do the results change for different types of skin?
    Normal and dry skin types tend to hold the pigment best. Excessively oily skin can cause the tattooed hair strokes to blur together resulting in a more solid look rather than crisp hairstrokes. Ombre-powder brow technique is more suitable for this skin type. If you have Fitzpatrick skin type 1 (i.e, you are a redhead, have thin, translucent skin with light eyes), your skin is very likely to be hypersensitive and your skin will not be able to tolerate microblading well. The same applies if you have very thin skin, it will bleed easily and not retain colour well.
  • Are semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos suitable for everyone?
    Unfortunately, pre-existing skin conditions and skin treatments can heavily compromise the effectiveness of cosmetic tattooing. Before making an appointment at Covet Cosmetic Studio, please read the following information, so you can decide if this treatment is suitable for you. Skin Conditions - If you have skin which is prone to complications with eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris and dermatitis, chances are your skin is in a constant state of unrest and shedding. It is therefore, not suitable for tattooing as it won't hold the pigment well. The same goes for conditions like chronic acne and rosacea. The inherent nature of this type of skin causes easy bleeding, which once again means your skin will not retain the colour very well.
  • How long will the cosmetic tattoo treatment take?
    Feather touch brows and eyeliner tattooing appointments usually last around 2 hours but you may want to allow 2 hrs 30 mins just to be safe. Lip tattooing is usually around 2hrs 30 mins. For 6 week touch ups please allow 1hr 30 mins, 2hrs for lips.
  • Will my medication compromise my results?
    Individuals who have been taking acne medications such as Roaccutane or Retin-A within the last year have an altered skin condition that will not heal well after the procedure. It's very important that you wait a year before tattooing the skin. Similarly, Retinol and Vitamin A users should discontinue the use of each a month prior to the procedure.Some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs interact with the tattooing adversely.
  • Medical conditions
    If you have an Autoimmune disease you may not be a good candidate for cosmetic tattooing due to compromised skin health. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have haemophilia or a heart condition, it is absolutely not recommended that you get any form of cosmetic tattooing done as this puts you in a high risk position. People who have heart issues are often on blood thinning medication, which will cause excessive bleeding and therefore poor pigment retention. It is also not suitable for those who are prone to keloid scarring
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    Accepted payment methods - cash and Eftpos. American Express and Diners not accepted
  • Do you do colours for blondes?
    Yes I have a range of colours from blondes to brunette. I will mix the perfect tone to suit your natural hair & skin.
  • What should I avoid before my appointment?
    Strictly no caffeine/alcohol/aspirins or any other form of painkillers 48 hours before your appointment. Please also inform us if you are taking any supplements, for example fish oil tablets, as these will affect how your treatment heals.
  • How long will it last?
    This varies from person to person because skin type, diet, genetics and environmental factors can all contribute to how long the pigments will be retained. As a guide, it could be anything between one to five years for tattoo treatments and six months to 2 years for microblading/feather touch before a new treatment is required. Although refresher colour boosts are recommended for maintenance during this time. Once the colour starts to change you will know that you are ready for your refresher colour boost. Eyeliner and lip tattoos usually last around 2-3 years before requiring a touch up.
  • How quickly will it heal?
    Everyone is different but as a general rule the surface skin heals between 3-7 days after the treatment and 10-14 days below the surface. Many people will return to work the same day after a treatment, however, we don't advise driving after an eyeliner tattoo incase your eyes are a little swollen or watery immediately after the treatment.
  • Do my natural brows need to be shaved off?
    Absolutely not. If you have natural brow hairs, Joanne will work with what you have, subtly integrating her work to suit your natural brow style.


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