Feather Touch Brows

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This is a subtle cosmetic tattooing technique using a manual hand tool, it does not involve the use of a digital machine. Microblading technique involves drawing individual, crisp hair strokes giving very natural looking results.

It is perfect for those who want to fully reshape, define or fill in gaps. This treatment is not ideal for those with very oily skin.

At the appointment a detailed consultation is carried out before treatment. Then using specific measurements a template of your brows will be drawn on, for your approval, before performing your procedure.

Aftercare ointment is provided along with important aftercare instructions. This is a two part process requiring a touch up appointment 4-6 weeks later.


Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattooing


Eyeliner cosmetic tattooing creates semi permanent immaculate smudge and smear proof eyeliner. Perfect eyeliner has never been so simple, no more need to struggle applying pencil and liquid liners daily. It can range from a subtle lash enhancement with pigment placed between the lashes to create a mascara look, or if you are used to wearing a lot of eye makeup daily, there is a more enhancing option can be performed by implanting more pigment creating a solid fine/thick line, this creates an optical illusion of darker, thicker lashes to really open and frame the eyes.

Top Eyeliner

Top eyeliner consists of many options depending on your desired look. This is a solid fine liner implanting pigment above and in-between the lash line creating the illusion of thicker eyelashes to really open and lift the eye.

Top and Bottom Eyeliner

Close look solid liner, the most popular eyeliner enhancement, an elegant and defined finish to frame the eyes.

Lash Extensions

Full set of #russianvolume lash extensio

At Covet you can be assured of the finest quality silk lash extensions carefully applied with health and hygiene being of the utmost importance. Enhance your eyes with stunning natural looking lashes that feel light but make make a huge impact. At your consultation we can discuss the best style, length and curve for your eyes and lifestyle. Ensure you come to your lash appointment with no eye makeup to allow for maximum lash time.

Classic Lash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions are perfect for clients wanting to add length whilst retaining a textured, natural look. This technique will most benefit a client that has a lot of natural lashes. One eyelash extension is applied with absolute precision to one individual natural eyelash creating an eye opening curve and extra length to the existing lash line.

Volume Lash Extensions

Volume extensions are multiple tiny handmade fans that are applied to the natural lashes with the utmost care and precision. They create a beautifully delicate, fluffy and full appearance. Each fan is applied to one completely isolated natural lash, enhancing your features without causing any damage to the natural lash.

Brow Design

For those wanting a shorter term brow makeover a brow sculpt and tint is the ideal solution. Joanne will design the perfect shape for your brows, tint, wax, tweeze and trim them to their best shape ever.

Brow Scuplt

For those not wanting to tint the brows, you can book in for just the brow sculpt to get your perfect brow shape. This is a great treatment to book in for the week before your feather touch brow appointment.

Brow Tint

Add definition and colour to your brows to really frame the eyes and create a more groomed appearance.